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iForest 301 Air Purifier

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iForest 301: Perfect remedy for smog, reduces PM2.5 by half within 20 minutes. Say goodbye to air pollution and its health effects, particularly for kids, elders, and sensitive individuals. Covers large rooms, provided they are properly closed. Best in class noise/performance ratio. Easy filter replacements. Optimized for local conditions. Improved Noise Characteristics. 3 color Options. Free Doorstep Delivery. One Year Warranty.
Fast order processing, purifiers are delivered within an hour or two in Lahore.
Self-Collection available in Lahore.
Easiest way to place an order is via WhatsApp on 0333-4611153.
Please watch an unboxing video here:
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24 reviews for iForest 301 Air Purifier

  1. Dr. Bob

    We looked at lots of air purifiers. We wanted something that would be easy to take care of, would do the job, and would have readily available replacement filters. This iForest 301 Air Purifier is really great. We have the monitor, which we think is super important as well.
    There are times when we get up in the morning and the air quality on the monitor shows in our living room at 180. We turn on our 2 purifiers and within a short time the air quality gets down to 40, so we know this works.
    I bought one for my office as well.
    Every Lahori should use purifiers to protect their lungs and their future.

  2. S

    Have used it for about a week. I checked the AQI reading in the room and it was 190+ After about 45 min in a closed room with the purifier on, the reading was halved to about 80+. Planning to order another one!

  3. S Malik

    Good air purifier. Very effective. We occupy the upper portion of a 2 kanal house and this services our lounge, 2 good sized bedrooms and an open kitchen. Gets the job done!

  4. Nimrah Rafiq

    We have been using this air purifier since 2 years now and it has been doing its job pretty well!
    Extremely satisfied with the quality 💯

  5. Ambreen Jamal

    All most a year since we bought this air purifier.
    Fully satisfied with the quality and it has been working great.
    Highly recommend!

  6. E.A

    Highly recommended.
    The product quality is outstanding &
    Customer service is really impressive.

  7. Kanza Adnan

    I have been using this air purifier for 2 years now. It’s works great, has a smart design and amazing price point. Plus, the customer service is top-notch! Highly recommended!

  8. Syed Ahsan Ejaz

    Very good product for reasonable price. Best thing is that it is locally made and we should all support local products when it meets quality standards.
    Have been using the purifier for years and now ordering 2nd for another room.
    Customer service experience has been great too

  9. Jamal Najmi

    When the smog in Lahore got on my nerves, and I was at the breaking point, I started looking around to get my sanity back. iForest came to my and my family’s rescue. I came to know about the company through a reference. I bought one and then ended up buying 3 more. This was last year. This year I am buying 2 more for my office. iForest rocks!

  10. JK

    My iForest was delivered within a couple of hours of ordering. The unit’s casing was broken in one corner, and on my request was replaced on a ‘no-questions-asked’ basis, which was a very welcome outcome. The new unit was received promptly and installed, and is working well.

    Considering other options available, iForest is very good value for money, and the Seller seems highly professional.


  11. Zaira

    Excellent product and great service! Very effective during the smog season, and quite economical as compared to other air purifiers in the market. Received the product within an hour of placing the order.

  12. Junaid F. Malik

    Excellent performance been using this Air purifier for 2 years not a single issue. Had an issue in my air purifier and Hassan Sb was kind enough to send me a replacement till mine was fixed. Keep up the good work!!

  13. Ayesha Khalil

    Highly recommended, it works. Great customer service

  14. Nasser

    I considered different air purifiers before choosing iForest. The main factors in its favor were a couple of personal testimonials and the expected reliability of filter availability. Very satisfied so far, but a two-speed (or multi-speed) operation would be a big improvement.

  15. Sarah

    Been using for 3 years now. Extremely satisfied with the first one so ordered another last year. Very easy to use and effective. The best part are the easily available and reasonably priced filters. Both my children used to wake up with nasal congestion which has resolved since we started using the air purifier at night in our room. Also delivery times are super fast.

  16. Maryam

    This Air purifier does the job. It is a very good local product and it is really effective in lowering the Aqi of the room. Also the order and delivery process is super easy and efficient. A true value for money product.

  17. Rabia

    Great air purifier, smooth ordering and delivery process and very helpful owner.

  18. Hazik Ali

    Great product and client servicing.
    From information sharing, payment and delivery everything was seamless. The air purifier it self is great value for money.

  19. Omar

    This winter is the third season I have been using this product. It is very effective in improving the indoor air quality. I use a PM 2.5 count meter and it’s great to see the count come down considerably after a few hours of running it. Filter replacement is also very easy and inexpensive. Their customer service is also very responsive. Highly recommended!

  20. Minhaj_Qazi Qazi

    Being asthenatic, Using for Over an Year Continuous ON. Pollutant also Monitored via Digital Monitor, it was merely 56 in Room 8n Morning while it was 390 Outside. Very Economical for Quality. Little Noisy though but one gets used to it in few days.

  21. Waleed Zaman

    Honestly the best and most.economical air purifier. Filters are hassle free and simpe to understand. Does not have an air quality monitor but if the brand offers one separately to buy would be better. Fan speed could be variable. White colour should be available too as its the least visible against a white wall. No fuss and effective machine. Service is great and I’m glad a Pakistani product is so well made. I have tried other more expensive air purifiers by Sharp, Xiaomi and Philips but would.recommend this for value for money, after sales service and ease of use.

  22. Bilal

    This air purifier is outstandingly effective. We reside in the upper section of a spacious 1 kanal house, and this device efficiently purifies the air in our lounge and one master bedroom. It consistently delivers excellent performance, ensuring our living space is fresh and clean

  23. Ayesha R. Siddiqi

    I cannot say enough good things about this purifier. We have two for our floor and the air quality monitor as well. I’ve noticed significant respiratory improvement since we bought these. The BEST part is: excellent customer service. A few months ago, one stopped working, possibly due to a freak electric surge in the house. We were able to get it fixed so easily and weren’t even charged for the repair. Getting replacement filters is also a breeze. We’re extremely happy with our purchases and plan to stay long-term customers!

  24. ahmed

    We looked at lots of air purifiers. We wanted something that would be easy to take care of, would do the job, and would have readily available replacement filters. This iForest 301 Air Purifier is really great. We have the monitor, which we think is super important as well.

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